Heading Up in Taiwan

  TotW #9 – This week I visited three Taiwanese cities, Taitung, Kaohsiung and Tainan. Then after almost five weeks I left the country. Lani Trilogy, part 2 – Robert (the uncle) On Sunday afternoon Robert, the uncle brought me to Taitung, a small city in the Southeast. Since the holidays were over, he had […]

Heading Down In Taiwan

TotW #8 – On the first three days of the week I was in the hostel, then left Taipei and went a little bit south. I had a tour guide who wanted me to see everything important in his area. He wanted me to eat a lot, too. Hostel reflections By leaving the hostel on […]

A Day-off In Taipei

TotW #7 – In the last 16 days I had one single day-off. I wanted to use it as smart as possible. So first of all I was sleeping until noon. Then I asked around the receptionists what do they suggest for my big day. I listened to them carefully and did my best. Tamsui […]