Korean Tourmates

Things of the Week #4 – I went to Seoul for 9 days not knowing anybody, not being sure what to do there. I spent my time there by finding ways to change that. Fortunately, the Koreans were very cooperative in it. MYTM Korea was a totally unknown country to me. I’ve never been there, didn’t […]

Fuji, Tokyo

Things of the Week #3 – I arrived to Tokyo on Monday. On the next day I went up to the Fuji, on the next one I came down. After that I visited some parts of Tokyo. I did all that with Thao, a Vietnamese girl I know from my Sapporo semester. And who doesn’t […]

AirBnB in Sapporo

Things of the Week #2 – One week passed in Sapporo. I used AirBnB for accomodation and tried to spend my days relatively useful. In general, I’d say it was a really nice week. AirBnB I’ve known for a long time what is AirBnB but I thought I’ll never use it. I registered in January because […]